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The Folder Guide


:bulletpink: Featured Any Sakura x Girl (yuri) work that does not fit into the other categories. This is usually drawings, both digital and traditional, and dolls.

:bulletpink: Sakura Haruno Any traditional/digital artwork of Sakura only.

:bulletpink: Genderswap Yuri Any Sakura x Girl (yuri) work that features Sakura and a gender-bent male (ie. Fem!Naruto x Sakura).

:bulletpink: Crossover Yuri Any Sakura x Girl (yuri) work that features Hinata and a girl from another series (ie. Sakura x Orihime from Bleach).

:bulletpink: Sakura x OC Any Sakura x Girl (yuri) work that features Sakura and an original female character.

:bulletpink: Cosplay Any pictures/photographs of live people in Sakura costumes. This can be a couple or Sakura alone.

:bulletpink: Stamps and Icons Any animated icons or stamps featuring support or Sakura or a Sakura x Girl coupling.

:bulletpink: Animation and Meme Any animations or memes. These can be Sakura-related or yuri-centric if they feature a Sakura coupling.

:bulletpink: Comics and Doujinshi Any comic strips or doujinshi pages. These can be with or without dialogue. Preferably translated into English either in the page or artists’ comments (THANKS).

:bulletpink: Fan Fiction Any written Sakura x Girl (yuri) work. This can be fanfiction or poetry.

:bulletpink: Contests The current contest folder will always be open. After the contest is finished, it will be sealed and unable to be submitted to and the next contest will be opened.